Pepsi is not okay.


raracokeI’m a Coca Cola girl, through and through.  Whether or not a restaurant carries Coke is my litmus test that answers the question, “Do I want to eat at this restaurant or not?”

It’s not uncommon to have a conversation like this:

Dave: Want to stop in there for a sandwich?
Rara: Mmm, sounds good.
Dave: Oh, they’re Pepsi.  Still want to go in?
Rara: Nah, I’m not hungry. Let’s just go home.


Little brother: Let’s go to Chinese food.  There’s a new place, but I think they still use MSG.
Rara: Sounds good.
Little brother: Also, they yell at their employees a lot.
Rara: Not great, but we’ll just make sure to compliment our waiter a lot so no one is yelled at.
Little brother:  You can see their kitchen, too. It’s a holy mess.
Rara: “Better the mess you see”, “can’t make an omelet”, etc. When…

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