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“Jesus Was Gay And Slept With His Disciples” – Kemi Olunloyo, Daughter Of Former Oyo Governor Finally Loses It?

Kemi-Olunloyo...Kemi Olunloyo, the 49-year-old daughter of former Oyo governor, Victor Omololu Olunloyo is known to make controversial statements but it seems she has somehow managed to outdo herself with her latest outburst implying the Jesus Christ was gay.

While reply a question from blogger Stella Domoko-Korkus, Olunloyo who posts from the Twitter handle @HipHossip says she loves the Jesus is “gay and b-gs his disciples.”

See her tweets below:

What more can we say


Unending Debate On Pastors’ Jets`

A few days ago, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and one of Nigeria’s most respected Christian leaders, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, noted in an interview with a global news network, Al-Jazeera, that he bought a private jet to aid him in his work as the head of the church.

“When you have to oversee churches in 160 countries, you can’t do that on a bicycle,” Adeboye was quoted as saying in the interview.

With that statement, the pastor confirmed that he is among prominent Christian leaders, including the vocal President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, and the head of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, who claimed to have acquired private jets for similar purposes.

But Adeboye’s defence ignited reactions from many Nigerians across the country. A few minutes after the interview was broadcast live on television, it went viral on social media. In no time, the acquisition of private aircrafts by the nation’s top clergy became the subject of yet another heated debate nationwide.

While some people rose in support of Adeboye, others challenged his admission on the grounds that there was no moral justification for acquiring a private jet in a country riddled with poverty, with many church members among the poor.

Yet there are people who do not only reason with Adeboye on the size of his congregation they also believe that circumstances in the Nigerian system makes owning a private jet by a man of his status a necessity. They cannot imagine a figure like him going to queue at the airport for a plane that may not come two hours after schedule.

Besides, they believe that rich members of the churches that usually provide money for the aircrafts. This is apart from the fact that some other pastors around the world, including American preachers, Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn, own jets Yet dissenting voices are also loud and clear.

The debate continued on Monday online. A reader named Toni Daramola wrote, “There must be a business plan worthy of emulation from the Catholic Pope.

If you argue that the air traffic in Nigeria is unpredictable, which is true, then our pastors should use their enormous influence to set things right. I hate to criticise Pastor Adeboye because I admire him a lot, but it is not justifiable to own and maintain jets when majority of the followers are very poor. I don‘t know how anybody can justify that. Pastor Kumuyi has a similar ministry with churches worldwide and he queues at the airports and flies commercial airlines. It is just not morally right. We have become a laughing stock among enlightened folks. God help us in Nigeria.”

But he was countered by one Bassey Kelvin, who was clearly opposed to the criticism of the Christian leaders. Wondering just when it became the duties of the pastors to assume the responsibilities of Presidents or other political leaders, Kelvin said, “You say what you absolutely know nothing about. Do you follow these pastors about to know if or not they talk to these leaders about their ways?”

Still, Pastor Adeboye had a few supporters even in this forum. One of them, registered as Billyonaire, rose to his defence, in response to a preceding comment that Jesus Christ did not own a single private in His own time.

Billyonaire said, “Jesus did not have overseas membership, Goddamit. Our pastors have millions of members in over 160 countries. How many members did Jesus have? Jesus needed a boat and a donkey and he used them. There was no jet then. I am sure he would have got one, if he could afford it.”

A few months ago, the Catholic Bishop of the Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah made a similar observation.

Speaking against the backdrop of the presentation of a private jet to Oritsejafor by members of his church, Kukah, had noted that the acquisition of private jets by Christian leaders diminished the moral voice of the church in the fight against corruption.

He had said, “The stories of corrupt men and women being given recognition by their churches or mosques as gallant sons and daughters and the embarrassing stories of pastors displaying conspicuous wealth as we hear from the purchases of private jets and so on clearly diminish our moral voice.

“Unless we distance ourselves, we cannot speak the truth to power. We cannot hear the wails of the poor and the weak. We should not be seen as playing the praying wing of the party in power.”

Also in his reaction to the subject, Lagos-based lawyer, Fred Agbaje, said that though the Federal Government could do nothing to stop Christian leaders from acquiring privates jets, it could help check the trend by ensuring that then planes were not used for commercial purposes.

“The government can also impose heavy taxation on such aircraft to discourage others in the future,” he said.

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Holly Hagan: My boob implants flipped inside me


  ‘Ashamed’ … Holly Hagan says she couldn’t tell anyone about her boobs but pal Charlotte Crosby

GEORDIE Shore’s Holly Hagan says she was left “petrified” after her boob implants flipped inside her.

The flame-haired reality TV star has revealed how she felt “disgusted” with herself when dropping two stone caused her
breasts to start sagging and her implants to begin moving around.
The 21-year-old, who has now gone under the knife again to fix her boobs, says the weight loss left her breasts looking
like udders with her nipples pointing to the ground.
And she says she became so ashamed of her body she refused to get naked in front of men for fear of leaving them
She revealed to Now magazine: “I’ve recently had my boobs done again and gone up to a 32FF because my last boob
job went wrong.
“A year and a half ago I noticed they were suddenly looking really saggy and in completely the wrong place.
“My nipples were pointing to the floor. I had the boobs of a 90-year-old woman – I’ve seen grannies with better boobs
than I had!
“I was disgusted. I never took my bra off. My boobs looked like udders and I could grab the implant with my fingers.”
Holly, who has stripped off to reveal her new look boobs in the mag, added: “I’ve lost over 2st in the past two years. I was
12½st and a 32B a few years ago when I had the first boob job and went up to a 32FF.
“But when I lost weight they deflated down to a 32DD.
 “I remember being in the shower and because there was so much saggy skin the implant could move around.
“It was flipping inside of me and turned back to front. It was scary. I was like: ‘What the hell’s happened?’
“I eventually managed to flip the implant back round by myself, but I was too scared to touch them or do anything. I was
And Holly revealed how the way she looked left her feeling “devastated”, “ashamed” and “depressed”.
She said: “I cried so many times because when you’ve paid £4,000 for something you want to show them off.
“I had my first boob job when I was 18 and working in a call centre so I didn’t have much money.
“When I had my first op they told me they couldn’t fit such a large implant under the muscle and I believed them.
“They didn’t warn me about things that could happen to your boobs if you lose weight either.
“I was so ashamed of my body and became depressed.
“I showed my boobs to Charlotte [Crosby, her Geordie Shore co-star] but I couldn’t confide in anyone else.
“I wouldn’t even let my mum see them because I felt so ashamed.
“I felt under pressure to look nice and instead I was wearing padded bras to lift my boobs and try to make them look
And Holly says she definitely couldn’t get naked in front of a man.
 She added: “I was mortified by the state of my boobs.
“Boys expect something amazing and if I took my bra off they
would have been very disappointed.”
Holly finally decided to get help to fix her breasts after
discovering the next series of Geordie Shore would be filmed
in Australia.
She added: “When I found out the next series was being filmed
in Australia and I’d have to wear a bikini I should have been
excited, but I just thought: ‘I can’t go because I’ll feel
“So I decided to have them re-done first.”
Holly has to have another op to remove excess skin from her
breasts, but after that she says she won’t be having anymore
She added: “My boobs aren’t finished yet. When I get back from
Australia I’m getting the excess skin taken away and the boobs
“It’s a massive op but they’re worth it.
“I’ll never go under the knife again for vanity purposes though. If
I hadn’t absolutely needed them doing again I wouldn’t have
had them done.
“I won’t go through that pain again, ever.”

Ado – Odo Monarch Beaten and Stripped After Angry Mob Burnt his Palace


There was pandemonium yesterday in Ado-Odo area of Ogun State as the palace of a monarch, the Olofin of Ado-Odo, Oba Lateef Adeniran Akanni, was razed by some aggrieved youths.
The monarch, Nigerian Compass learnt, had been having a running battle with some interest groups in the community, who allegedly did not want him despite a Supreme Court judgement validating his appointment three years ago.
According to sources, Oba Akanni was hospitalised following the severe beating he received from the rampaging youths.
The burnt palace has also been deserted as wives, children, family members and servants fled the area apparently for fear of being attacked again.
Trouble was said to have started for the traditional ruler when his Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) was flagged down by some people in the community.
In the process of attending to the people, the unsuspecting monarch was dragged out of his vehicle, beaten and stripped.
Though the incident may not be unconnected with the chieftaincy crisis in the town, another source attributed it to an alleged accident involving the monarch a few days ago.
Oba Akanni, according to the source, allegedly failed to visit a victim of the accident, a development which reportedly infuriated some community youths who plotted the attack.
The violence prompted the state Police Commissioner, Ikemefuna Okoye, and the state Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Chief Muyiwa Oladipo, to visit the area and douse tension.
Confirming the incident in a telephone interview yesterday, the state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr. Muyiwa Adejobi, said normalcy had been restored to the community.
Adejobi, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), however, said he was unaware of the alleged stripping of the monarch.
“I know some people went to the palace and attacked the Oba of Ado-Odo but normalcy has been restored to the town. The Commissioner of Police has been there and we are going to ensure that the needful is done to bring all those involved in the act to book,” he added.
Also yesterday, the Ogun State government appealed to the people of Ado-Odo community to shun violence and maintain peace in order to promote socio-economic development of the state.
Speaking through the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Chief Muyiwa Oladipo, the government described the attack on the monarch as “sheer lawlessness.”
Oladipo said there were ways the people could adopt to show their displeasure over the installation of the monarch that was reinstalled by the Supreme Court of the land rather than resorting to burning of houses, beating people and harassing the monarch.
While assuring the people of the state government’s readiness to find a lasting solution to the chieftaincy crisis, the commissioner said a panel of inquiry would be set up to look into the remote and immediate causes of the attack.
He called on all the sons and daughters of the community to come and tender relevant information that could be of assistance in resolving the crisis

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Has Messi finally found his match?

Has Messi finally found his match?

ROB-UST CHALLENGE ... The striker steps up to face RoboKeeper

ROB-UST CHALLENGE … The striker steps up to face RoboKeeper

LIONEL MESSI has already come out on top against nearly all of the top goalkeepers on the planet.

So it is easy to imagine the otherworldly talent getting a bit bored of taking on mere mortals.

Fortunately for the Argentine ace, Japanese boffins have created a robot goalie that might be able to put up more of a fight.

So, has the superstar finally found his match?

Find out below:



Lionel Messi takes on robot goalkeeper

CAN Barcelona superstar striker score a penalty against Japanese robotic goalie?

MayD Shares Intimate Moment With His 2-Month-Old Son


Promising singer, May D recently showed off his baby who is less than three months old. May D is telling those who care to know that he is a good and caring father.

Cute baby

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Its No Longer that Tonto Dike Featured in the First Nollywood Soft Sex Video..

Seriously, After watching this Movie, I can’t differentiate it from a Blue Film.

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Annoying Question some Females Ask And their Answer!!

1]. Are U a player?
*Yes CHELSEA FC wants TO sign me next
do dey expect U 2
say yes? 2]. why do U wan’tmy Pin ??
want to use it to burst balloon.
3]. Can U die 4 me? My name is surely not Romeo 4]. My Bis will soon expire, what am i
going to do?
return the BB to the seller and get a
3310 5]. If I sleep over in your Place, hope
Nothing funny will happen?
No, trust me we would just perform
night vigil 6]. Hope U won’t break my Heart?
If u don’t put it at the edge of the table. 7]. Can U take me out?
sorry are U in prison? 8]. Pls come and pick me..
like say
she be beans. 9]. I think ave missed my period..
then ask the class captain for the next
class!!! 10.] Can’t you get a Car?
Shey your Papa get Car when him dey
Higher Institution?

Stupid Answers for Stupid Questions

1. Someone calls you at 2am in
night and
ask you “are you sleeping?”
Ans: no, I’m picking beans.
2. You’re making out with a girl
then you start
pulling her pants then she asks;
what are you
trying to do?
Ans: I want to wash them for you
3. They see you coming out of
wet; ”did you just have a bath?”
Ans: no, I fell into the toilet bowl
4. You standing right in front of
on the ground floor going to
office, yet
they ask; ”going up?”
Ans: no, I’m waiting for my office
down and get me!
5. Your boyfriend comes home
a bunch
of flowers and you still asks him;
”are those
Ans: no baby, they’re carrots!
6. You’re in the queue at the
to buy
tickets, a friend see’s you and
”what are
you doing here?”
Ans: I’m here to pay my school
7. When people see you lying
with your
eyes closed, they still ask; ”are
Ans: No! I’m practicing to die.
8. You went to a restaurant n the
waiter asks
you: ”Plz can I get you a table?”
Ans: No. I’m here to eat on the