Zimbabwe: Big Brother Africa: From Pokello To Pornello

pokkelloFrom a sextape to a brewing love affair with Elikem, Zimbabwe’s Pokello is getting some mention. Boboye Onduku reveals the buzz around the shoe freak, who has put on her game face – at last – on The Chase.

There is one thing striking about the Twitter handle @stunnerzim. It had only one following despite the fact that it had 1,479 followers early Friday morning. The handle belongs to Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme, boyfriend of The Chase housemate Pokello Nare. You don’t need to put two-and-two together to guess correctly that the only person he follows will be his socialite girlfriend. The mother of a nine-and-halfyear old son is up for eviction this week alongside Natasha, Biguesas, Neyll and Annabel. But that is not what has suddenly gotten her popular amongst Big Brother Africa fans.

Pokello had something to say during the week: “Last time I counted my shoes  in 2011, I had 200 pairs”. It got mouths and mobile phone keypads talking. But she may just be right about it. After all, she is the chief executive of Addicted2Shoes. Stunner’s Twitter header picture laid some more credence as her red shoes were prominent while she held a magazine in her arms. Poky Poky’s next claim was breathtaking. She disclosed that she pays $5,000 (N806,000) as monthly rent for her luxury shoe boutique.  What won’t you hear, right?  But there are claims that Pokello is the illegitimate daughter of Ignatius Morgan Chombo, one of Zimbabwe’s richest politicians.

The reports had revealed that she had used her mother’s surname for years to hide the truth in childhood.  The reported links with Chombo, who also owns a diamonds mine, came to light when she had her teen pregnancy and the boy’s family had to pay a fine according to Zimbabwean culture. So do you still think she was making up the $5,000 luxury boutique monthly rent?

These were definitely the signs that the 27-year old Zimbabwean was finally ‘rising up’ to the Big Brother Africa game. One week before the commencement of The Chase, Pokello had urged her Twitter followers to ‘rise up’ on her @pokellosexxy handle. She was now finally living up to her words.  And what a rise it has been for her in just over a month. Barely days to the start of The Chase, the Harare-born media and communications degree holder had her sex tape leaked onto the internet. According local reports, the said sex tape was acted and recorded by Pokello and her boyfriend, Stunner who is popular urban grooves artiste.

If Pokello had a quiet start in the Ruby house, then the entry of Elikem sparked her to life.  Elikem finally got his ‘thang’ going with Pokello as he managed to get into her bed early Monday. And surprisingly the standoffish Pokello was welcoming. Earlier in the day, she had disclosed to Ruby mates that she liked Elikem’s body. The duo put off their microphones and whispered to themselves before Biggy called out to them. But by the Wednesday Pokello was all smiles in the duvet as she lay with Elikem.

Big Brother Africa fans are waiting to see Pokello loosen up and if possible let go. For them Elikem is the man who will do the dirty job. She is definitely putting the right make-up and lip-stick to keep Elikem coming back for more. But will Pokello oblige them?  With Stunner cheering on for the duo to kiss on Wednesday, she may have just given in by the time you are reading this.

Pokello is talking same talk that had seen Uganda’s LK4 bite the eviction dust. But will she be bullied into silence. No. Not even Selly who poured a drink on her during last Saturday’s party nor Natasha who claims that ‘Zimbabbwe has changed since Ghana came’.  Pokello is not accepting anyone’s definition of her. She is defining herself on the show. And Africa will reveal tomorrow if that definition is right or wrong as the Third Eviction show climaxes.  It is Africa’s call, not Pornello’s (oops!) Pokello’s.


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