Charly-Boy-and-familyCharley boy is set to debut his reality TV show and he has titled it ‘In Your Face’. The show lets his fans into his world- career and family, aside Charlyboy’s weird and eccentric lifestyle; what is the true picture of the other side of his life?

The show is targeted at audience of age 12 to 44 and Charley boy gave on insight on what his soon-to-be viewers need to know about it. He said;

In Your Face, is a TV reality show creatively put together to propagate the message of family values, using the microcosm of the Charlyboy brand to inculcate positive family ethics, morals and principles in our society. In this reality show, the family life of one of the most celebrated Nigerian entertainers, Charlyboy is creatively exposed through the lens of the camera. In the show, viewers are opportune to see beyond the artistic life of the Areafada. The story chronicles both the private and the public life of Charlyboy and his family. The emphasis is to strengthen family interpersonal relationship and to concretely emphasize on the significance of agreement and disagreement, as it is always the case in most families. The story emphasizes more on the significant roles of children in a family, using Charlyboy’s children, both in Nigeria and in the Diaspora as cynosure.

If you are curious about how Charley boy keeps up his act and how his family members feel about it, then this is a show you win’t want to miss.


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