Annoying Question some Females Ask And their Answer!!

1]. Are U a player?
*Yes CHELSEA FC wants TO sign me next
do dey expect U 2
say yes? 2]. why do U wan’tmy Pin ??
want to use it to burst balloon.
3]. Can U die 4 me? My name is surely not Romeo 4]. My Bis will soon expire, what am i
going to do?
return the BB to the seller and get a
3310 5]. If I sleep over in your Place, hope
Nothing funny will happen?
No, trust me we would just perform
night vigil 6]. Hope U won’t break my Heart?
If u don’t put it at the edge of the table. 7]. Can U take me out?
sorry are U in prison? 8]. Pls come and pick me..
like say
she be beans. 9]. I think ave missed my period..
then ask the class captain for the next
class!!! 10.] Can’t you get a Car?
Shey your Papa get Car when him dey
Higher Institution?


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